Parts Gallery and Inventory Description

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Chevrolet and GM

1938-1954 Chevrolet cars Lots of good sheet metal, and drive train parts (especially 49-54), Some 2 dr hardtop parts, NO convertibles. Also a fair selection of N.O.S. parts. Approximately 200 cars in this year range.

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55-57 Chevrolet cars Good selection of trim, sheet metal, drive train, doors, fenders, hoods, bumpers, floors, radiator supports, and deck lids. Some 2dr hardtop and nomad parts, NO convertibles. Also a fair selection of N.O.S. parts. Approximately 80-100 cars in this year range including wagons.

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58-76 Chevrolet cars Huge selection of this range of year!! Very good sheet metal selection. Good selection of 2 dr hardtop parts. Hoods, bumpers, grills, doors, quarters, and floors. Some 348, 396, and 409 parts including complete engines. Good selection of glass, and N.O.S. parts.

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48-72 Chevrolet Trucks We offer a good selection of fenders, hoods,grills, doors, and cabs. also offered are complete longbox beds, frames, engines, and trans parts. We do still have some N.O.S. parts left.

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